Client: Bazsalikomoskert

Services: Webshop development

Categories: E-commerce, Integration

Bazsalikomoskert is a great company, who are mainly selling herbal tees that are grown in their own garden. The company has faced a situation, where their webshop engine on WIX simply could not keep up with their demand in functions. 


It was important that the content could stay on the WIX platform, as the content manager could well maintain the backend, and it serves its purpose. The challenge was to recreate a shop layout, that fits perfectly into the given design, yet it makes billing and logistic integrations possible, alongside with various online payment methods.

Problems solved:


Since going live, the new shop makes it way easier to fulfil the growing order base, as the billing and the logistic integration spares a lot of time, while customers enjoy the new shopping experience, and the benefits of quick and easy online payments via stripe.



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